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WasiVirtual is a multi-platform event hub that allows you to customize experiences in a secure hybrid setting. Additionally, it serves as a virtual events platform for exchanging ideas and concepts in an environment free of constraints that enables global outreach for events such as live streams, virtual summits, career fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, and much more. Virtual event platform cost is always less than the physical events. Let’s Explore the virtual event platform features and services:

Collaborate and connect with your organizations anywhere through our virtual events platform

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Remarkable Virtual Conferences & Webinars

WasiVirtual provides a user-friendly online webinar platform through which companies and individuals can pre-record seminars. You can create customized seminars with low virtual event platform cost.

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Connect through Virtual Trade Shows and Events

Boost your trade shows success with our innovative virtual event services and generate lasting memories by building relationships with people from different parts of the globe.

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Manage your online virtual job fairs and events

At WasiVirtual, we strive to bring job seekers and employers together under one roof for virtual recruitment events, share insights, and provide training through immersive workshops.

Modernize Educational Sector Through Virtual Events

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Educate through Virtual Open Day Events:

Organize global virtual events to bring parents/students close to learning about programs, campus, faculty, and admissions.

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Engage through a Alumni Networking Event

Attract prospective students into virtual open days and patch them with successful University alumni through alumni networking event.

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Hire through Student Virtual Job Fair

Bring about a global shift as we connect students and alumni with employers through virtual job fair platform.

WasiVirtual is a Feature-rich Virtual Events Platform

Live stats of the event

Participants can be assessed quickly based on metrics like their interaction level, which speaker received the greatest audience, or which presentation was most viewed. we measure such analysis so you can estimate the impact of an event which we call turn out ratio and determine how to improve it in the future using our best virtual event platform features.

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Easy-to-use virtual space

Hosting a real virtual event with Wasi Virtual gives you the power of simplicity and flexibility of operating anywhere in the world from any device. We ensure its easy to use, quick to load, universally accessible, and secure for all stakeholders

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Gamify Your Event to Amplify Engagement

Engage passive audiences and turn them into action with our best virtual event services. We integrate live polls, trivia, and gamification to keep users up to date with details of programs and services offered by your organization

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High resolution and customized exhibitor avatars

Our platform is capable of creating a realistic simulation of 3D virtual reality through highly defined avatars that let attendees feel as though they are physically there. You can configure how your guests should dress for your event.

Is WasiVirtual a good idea?

As a changing world, virtual conferences, events, and meetups have become ubiquitous, and our virtual event services are perfect for those needs.

With Wasi Virtual, flexibility is built-in. You can create an event to suit the needs of the hosts, participants, and speakers. Also, we offer you the fluidity of language, level of interaction, monetization options, and much more.

while a physical event has a time-bound duration, a virtual event platform can technically be extended for longer durations with unlimited resources as it’s scalable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. For more information you can visit our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram page. If you have any questions then you can visit our FAQ section.

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We Are Working On

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Had an amazing experience with WasiVirtual, especially with their professional team as they provided live support throughout the event.

David Harbour

WasiVirtual knows how to boost our business. The customized plan devised by the team of professionals was just what we needed. Would highly recommend the platform!

Maria Fernanda

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Custom Booths

Customized booths will include images, videos, and datasheets for attracting visitors as well as ensuring participants enjoy themselves on-site real virtual events.

In-depth Analytics

The data is modernized using advanced analytics for internal and external purposes so that companies can stay on top of information and share the latest developments

Design your 3D model

Get your target audience's attention with exclusive 3D designs in virtual spaces and lobby areas as we create every location that you desire with unique virtual event platform features.

Account Manager

We provide one dedicated account manager and advisor to each of our customers to ensure smooth, seamless coordination. During and after the event, this person will serve as a single point of contact.

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