Complete Guide To Manage Virtual Webinars

Complete Guide To Manage Virtual Webinars

No doubt, physical events are still very important. But due to the prevailing global pandemic, live events and conferences are no longer viable. Due to a lockdown, all the meetings and gatherings were canceled. When no relief from the pandemic was observed, people shifted their businesses, conferences, and meetings online. The best alternative you will ever find to manage your meetings and conferences is using virtual versions. The trend of virtual events is becoming common nowadays. Such events are limited to business, but universities also organize virtual webinars to promote research and brainstorming among students. 

Adopt this new normal virtual version of sessions to make visible progress in your life by maintaining social distance. If you want to update your events with novel technology, read this guide carefully. In this blog, we will discuss how you can manage your hybrid events using virtual open day software.  

Is there any need for hybrid tools for organizing virtual webinars? 

Yes, hybrid tools are essential for the management of virtual events by proper brainstorming and planning. Whether you want to host an internal, external, or webinar virtually, you should keep an eye on multiple factors for making your event successful. 

It will not be feasible for you to catch every aspect of a virtual webinar manually. That’s why you need a supportive event management tool to plan and host your event carefully. Moreover, you will not have to compromise the quality of your virtual session by using a hybrid tool. 

How do hybrid tools manage virtual events? 

How do hybrid tools manage virtual events 

Event management tools like virtual open day software can integrate various aspects to engage an audience online. It enabled the creation of a complete experience for tracking all the events effectively. By keeping in view the reliance of virtual webinars on technology, you should consider using all the elements of hybrid tools with greater efficiency. 

Key Elements of  Virtual Webinar

The following are the key elements you should consider while managing your virtual events with hybrid tools. 

Event Website

The very first thing you need for effective virtual webinars management is an event website. A website is very important for a virtual event because it plays an important role in promoting attendees. Moreover, it is a great source for communicating about events with the audience. Use the event website to showcase speakers and event schedules. 


Another element that is helpful for data collection is registration which is a basic step for collecting attendees’ data. You can also add a payment option with proof of submission to ensure the sincerity and dedication of attendees toward your virtual webinar. Make your event successful by planning an amazing robust online registration portal.

Email Marketing

You should never ignore the importance of email marketing while arranging virtual webinars. Because it helps engage and drive more audience. Email is an effective source of communication for all stages of an event, including its registration, sending a reminder, and inviting them. Increase your virtual event engagements by email marketing. 


Integration is an essential element of a virtual event to ensure whether attendees’ data and registration is shared properly with your hybrid tool or not. Your CRM system and marketing automation will also be able to access this data. Generate more leads by analyzing key insights of events and keeping attendees’ data in one place. 

Event Feedback

Another crucial element you should never ignore while using virtual open day software is event feedback. Getting information about your performance from your attendees will help you to make your upcoming events hassle-free. Moreover, feedback on your virtual events is an effective tool for driving sales and virtual leads.

Online Event Apps & Guide

Online Event Apps and Guides are also an informative element in the technological era of virtual events. Through mobile apps, your attendees will also be able to add their schedule in session. However, the guide contains information about the event speakers, event organizers, and schedule. Use this interactive source to make more connections.

Advantages of Using Hybrid Tool Technology 

Advantages of Using Hybrid Tool Technology

As hybrid tool technology can play its virtual counterpart in both in-person and public events, it is highly beneficial. Using this virtual webinar technology, you can engage people far away from you and make them aware of your business. Here are some potential advantages you can avail of from the virtual events. 

  • Increase event attendees due to no worries of traveling and affordable cost rate. 
  • Provide more opportunities to engage your content because you can also share recorded sessions on social media sites. 
  • Reduces carbon footprint by lowering on-site attendees that will save your meal expenses and others. 
  • Improve your business sponsorship in a powerful interactive and digital environment. 
  • Enables you to generate more leads and sales by offsetting the technical costs of the virtual environment. 

Why WasiVirtual?

Do you want to manage your business’s virtual webinars and conferences effectively with hybrid technology? If yes, Wasi Virtual is an excellent option for you. Because we are offering a well-organized virtual webinar with customized technology according to the nature of your event. We make sure to engage a larger audience in your event and help you get more valuable sponsors. Also, if you need virtual event software, stay in touch with us. Feel free to share your requirements and get amazing virtual open day software. For more updates follow us on LinkedIn.



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