Employee Wellness Fair

Employee Wellness Fair to be Hosted at Virtual Events Platform

The virtual fairs are the new trendsetter in the year 2021. Are you worried about the wellness of your employees? You might be interested in hosting benefits fair to help them through. Though we can’t host physical in-person fairs, it does not justify waiting to aware people of the importance of wellness. Hosting an employee wellness fair through an online events platform is the top approach in Covid pandemic days. The visually rich online environment is designed for the attendees to navigate the venue easily from around the world and benefit most from the services of the fair. Likewise, the remote team can easily avail virtual services. 

Many events may define a virtual fair, but it brings the physical experience at the comfort of attendees’ homes. A variety of programming is offered, which helps organize seminars, webinars, fairs, recruitment fairs, etc. The healthcare system will provide a seminar to those seeking information on wellness. The health seminars offer a safe environment for your pre-existing employees and potential additions to the overall design.  

In this article, we share the ideas for virtual health and wellness fairs to be hosted at the virtual events platform. Follow these exceptional ideas for your next benefits and wellness fairs. 

The Planning Process 

When organizing a wellness fair, it is essential to have a swift plan to follow. You can either customize the fair or use a ready-made checklist. Sign-up at a virtual events platform to organize your employee wellness fair. Look for sponsors to pay for your virtual event; this would encourage community involvement and create opportunities for employees networking. Secondly, set goals and decide on things and services being offered in the event. Decide things that you want your virtual fair to have: safety resources, wellness experts, fitness experts, health screening stations, etc. 

Ideas to Design Health and Wellness Programs for Remote Companies 

With the rise in the current pandemic, the lockdown has changed the face of the world. Companies are looking for ways to introduce wellness programs for their employees to practice with their new lives and schedules at home. For this matter, consider the previous programs employees relied on. The onsite gym was a good fitness and wellness program for the employees. The idea of surveying the employees about the wellness resources is a great way to pulse on what serves them best. 

The programs are designed for individuals or virtual group programs. You can provide the employees with food rationing through online grocery shops. Take care of their needs and necessities while them being at home. Moreover, mental health care and mindfulness can be made available for employees through organized virtual wellness seminars. Such programs will help keep the employees in good shape and perform well from home. Lastly, you need to choose the date and location.  

Furthermore, decide on the topics you will cover in your next employee wellness fair: mindfulness, home health, mental health support, nutrition, virtual physical fitness, first aid, company health initiative, etc. Here’s how you can put these topics on the fair;

Virtual Physical Fitness

Hosting a seminar through a virtual events platform is the best way to connect and engage with all. The companies can offer guided yoga classes as a part of a wellness program for employees. The results of guided yoga improve posture that is affected by being on the desk and reduces lower back pain by strengthening muscle for support of core strength. This results in increased productivity with a typical result of desk-work. 

Mental Health Support 

At a virtual health fair, mental health professionals are invited over webinars and seminars to talk about coping with anxiety, stress, or depression. Mental health governs the health and wellness of the whole body. Especially in transitional times like the pandemic, teaching and equipping employees to deal with the negative emotions makes a big difference. This, on the whole, helps with the mental stability of your employees. 


Business growth is achieved through a strong health and wellness system of a company. The rise in the Covid pandemic has shifted healthcare protocols from in-person to online events. WasiVirtual brings you the best ideas for your health and wellness fair. From planning to designing the wellness fair, the virtual events platform lists exclusive topics for you to cover for the benefit of your employees. Later, the focus is shifted to the marketing and branding of the event.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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