Everything you need to know about In house recruitment events

Recruiting events are a true method to use in order to attract the right talent to your organization. It also helps build brand awareness, relationships with your clients and introduce them to your employer brand through thoughtful in house recruitment events

COVID-19 is still impacting our lives and keeping us at home. That is the main reason why many employers have moved to the digital-first environment, and large-scale events have been paused. Well, it doesn’t mean you have to put your recruiting events strategy on the back burner, though. 

What is a virtual hiring event?


As online job searches increase, organizations are continually looking for the best ways to build an online recruitment strategy. Many well-known companies, including Amazon, IBM, and Disney, use this growing trend in online recruitment to recruit new employees. 

You might be wondering about what is so different about virtual hiring. Well, they are identical to the traditional and in-person hiring events. But, they come with additional benefits. Using online recruitment events, you can create an in-house virtual space where the potential candidates will interact with the interviewers.

Many of these platforms, including WasiVirtual, allow the corporation to customize the site look fully. For example, you can make the site look identical to your office lobby. 

Why should you use virtual hiring events?

One of the biggest perks you can enjoy of virtual hiring events is the ability to reach a wider and potential audience at much less cost. With a physical event, you can only serve a limited audience because of the limited space.

Also, everyone cannot just travel and attend in house recruitment events. Besides that, it is also ideal for open positions and the individuals who want to relocate. 

In addition, the information and presentations located on the virtual site are great ways to attract those customers who are just starting their search. Visitors can ask direct questions and communicate directly with the recruiters.

If the candidate feels the company is a good fit, they can apply right on the site. Virtual recruitment is also quite helpful for virtual corporate events. 

How to host a virtual recruitment event?

Hosting a virtual event may seem like a daunting task, but it is quite easy to manage one. Here are a few details that you should keep in mind to host successful in house recruitment events.

  • A virtual platform to hold events. 
  • An effective strategy to ensure it is not a waste.
  • The best marketing plan for promotions.
  • Following up on the attendees.

Ways to ensure a successful virtual in-house recruitment event


If you want to make sure that your event will be successful, make sure to follow all the below-mentioned tips: 

1- Choose the right virtual hiring platform

One of the most crucial things you can do to host a virtual recruitment event is to choose the right platform. There are a lot of virtual platforms to choose from, but pick the one that falls within your budget. 

2- Plan everything out 

To make everything work out for you, you need to work on your plan. First of all, start with a session with your recruiters and define what your end goals are. Also, define what your overarching goals are as a company. Besides that, you should also have a clear idea about what type of talent you are looking for. The right plan is a key feature for a successful event. 

3- Keep your budget in mind

Virtual hiring events are quite cost-effective, but you may spend more money on marketing plans than you would have with an in-person event. So, always start by keeping your budget in mind. Opt for affordable solutions if you have a limited budget. But, if budget is not an issue, and you are looking for something big, you can even opt for the 3D virtual event. 

4- Hire professional to get help

Virtual events are a lot different than in-person events. So, if your team is not experienced in virtual events, you should look for the professional help from the experts in that industry. They will help you plan everything and with the implementation to make sure that everything goes smoothly. 

5- Opt for virtual Custom 3D Virtual events

Few companies are working on 2D and 3D virtual events. So, if budget is not an issue, you can contact us to help you host a 3D virtual event. At Wasi Virtual, we strive to bring job seekers and employers together to share insights for virtual recruitment events. Moreover, we offer training through immersive workshops. 

Is hosting a in house recruitment event worth it?

Thanks to the perks of virtual recruitment, many companies are turning to virtual hiring events. With that, you can connect with many individuals in record time and feel for how everyone works in a remote environment.

Another benefit is that you can hold the event over a few days to spend more time with each candidate. 

Another most worth mentioning benefit of in-house virtual recruitment is that you can save a lot of money as it is highly cost-effective. If you have arranged the other in-person events, you must be familiar with how costly they can be.

Also, it is more than just hosting an event; it also involves the building cost, assigning meetings, salary expenses, and much more. Also, virtual recruitment events are much safer in this COVID-19 time. 

Why Wasi Virtual?

Are you looking for the best company to host your in house recruitment events? If yes, WasiVirtual is the best choice as we offer interactive virtual environments to showcase user-friendly designs. Besides that, we present exhibit booths, immersive lobbies, and animated avatars. Our team will set up the virtual recruitment event according to your requirements. Also, if you require virtual fair software, get in touch with us and tell us all your requirements to get started today. For more information, you can join us on LinkedIn & Instagram.

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