How to do a Virtual Open House Tour?

How to do a Virtual Open House Tour?

Real estate agents and homebuyers have always had the luxury of holding virtual open houses. Live demos are particularly useful for people who are migrating to a separate state or who are unable to attend a planned tour. They also play an important role in the house local real estate market. How to do a virtual open house tour? Well, the focus of this article is to ensure that you are aware of all of WasiVirtual’s incredible powers.

There are a variety of interesting modalities to host a Virtual Open House

1-      Capture a 360-degree tour of the selected property.

The novel software from WasiVirtual, which includes built-in 3D graphics, allows you to create a 360-degree virtual tour that will enhance your production and set you apart from your competitors. As a result, you can capture an appropriate perspective and highlight both the physical and metaphorical features of the property better. How to do a virtual open house tour? Ensure that you have all of the necessary aspects and a smooth recording.

2-      Develop a plan of action and set aside time for the essentials

Before the live tour, try at least one trial run before the live event so you can discuss any technical issues (for example, internet connection, unified communications software, software for viewing multiple windows, camera angles, light, speaker, amplifiers, webcam, etc.). It’s critical to ensure that your equipment is well-prepared and ready to go live in order to provide a more immersive experience that will satisfy your clientele.

3-      Enrol in a feature-rich platform

How to do a virtual open house tour? There are several choices for delivering live 360 VR tours on the market, so pick one based on your preferences, prior expertise, and technology. WasiVirtual is a leading virtual platform with unique features and capabilities for hosting virtual open houses, even in a hybrid environment, by including avatars that will offer your tour a new perspective and enhance rapid sales.

4-      Make your content portable and repurposed.

You may save your live broadcast video to YouTube or broadcast it on your websites, Facebook page, or other social networking sites. This can help you create a lot more leads and extend the duration of your trip. Alternatively, you can contact individuals who couldn’t attend and invite them to view the tape or you can mail it to them privately. This will gain you strong customer satisfaction that will lead to them being more interested in your business.

The bottom line

We hope that this post has helped you grasp the basic responsibilities of a virtual open house tour. These tours are essential, especially in the real estate market, because nowadays everyone prefers to stay at home and visit things in the most convenient way possible, minimizing the trouble of going out and saving time and money all at the same time.

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