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Multi-virtual platform with various breakout rooms | WasiVirtual

A Virtual Graduation Event That Is Exceptionally Exciting to Students All Over the Globe. A graduation ceremony is an annual event that becomes an important milestone for graduates and their families when they reach the end of formal education. It’s like you’ve been given a ticket to succeed by utilizing everything you’ve learned throughout the years. In most cases, this is a very emotional occasion. However, because of the pandemic, it is no longer possible for students to participate in traditional graduation ceremonies due to prohibitions on public gatherings and educational institutions have struggled to overcome this obstacle, but that is no longer the case because, at WasiVirtual, we make sure students receive a maximum immersive, exciting experience globally through our Multi-virtual platform with various breakout rooms.

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What does a virtual graduation ceremony entail?

A virtual graduation ceremony is conducted on the web where graduates, faculty members, and guests gather digitally to celebrate the beginning of a new adventure. All it takes is a few clicks and boom! Their friends and extended family can join.

Through our multi-platform, graduation invitations can be personalized to suit the style of students. Plus, high-quality exhibits on our multi-virtual platform with various breakout rooms will ensure that your graduation looks and feels like a real Party.


Would it be possible for us to make it more exciting?

The answer is yes! As a consequence of the dramatic changes this virus has caused, virtual events have become common all over the world, but no one can duplicate the real atmosphere of these events like we can

Our virtual meeting event platform with breakout rooms can provide you with multiple room options along with live music sessions and a smoke room where old friends can get together

Customize your whole theme

A theme or venue is an important part of any event, and planning them is even more enjoyable. Unlike other platforms, At WasiVirtual, you are in complete control of whatever you want to accomplish. Our role is to process, and your role is to coordinate.

Our team prides itself in developing virtual venues that fulfill our customers’ needs to the fullest extent. We can turn your dream graduation ceremony into a reality with fully immersive booths and 3D graphics that are tailored to meet your vision. In addition, you can create avatars that reflect your preferences, dress them however you like, even with a graduation cap and gown.


Invite Social Media Influencers

Initially, celebrities were a huge deal, but now mass media has made social influencers the rage. In order to attract students across the globe and build your brand image, we can provide virtual stand-up comedy performances, coaching, and inspiring stories through virtual meeting platform with breakout rooms and flexible communication tools.

The whole graduation ceremony will have a different edge by inviting an influencer and creating a unique hashtag for the event, so students can connect. Everyone can use a custom hashtag to share content on their social media to increase impact of the event

invite social media influencers

Play fun games and quizzes

After a while, virtual graduation gets a little boring because let’s face it, no one likes to stare at a screen for so long. In order to keep things moving, you need to grab the audience’s attention and there’s no better way than to hold a few quick games and quizzes.

WasiVirtual can add its very captivating gamification features to engage everyone and put everything into action by asking them fun questions such as who was the class nerd, or who was the class pet.  In fact, we may even offer virtual photo booths to enhance the event through the capture of memories.

This is why virtual graduation ceremonies are superior to in-person ceremonies

The major disadvantage of in-person ceremonies is the expense of travel. Virtual graduation gives you the flexibility to attend when it is most convenient for you.

Hence, the method of arranging virtual graduation does not result in any negative externalities such as food waste or unnecessary venue costs; it is merely a means of utilizing resources in a sustainable and efficient manner. The concept of virtual graduation has emerged to deal with time zone differences and scheduling issues from across the globe.

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Virtual events at universities strive to bring attendees back repeatedly. With virtual graduations, attendees will receive more leads, have the opportunity to interact more, and have an extended graduation period. A measurable increase in sales revenue can be achieved by lead nurturing utilizing the big data obtained on the event.

In conclusion, we encourage you to partner with us to host the most memorable and exciting event possible with WasiVirtual. It is a feature-rich virtual meeting platform that ensures students are getting everything they signed up for with multiple breakout rooms.

For more information, you can join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, If you have any questions then you can visit our FAQ page for virtual recruitment events.

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