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Top Virtual Event Ideas to be Hosted in 2021

Online platforms are gaining popularity with the rise in pandemic restrictions. Nowadays, virtual events have become the choice of many businesses and organizations worldwide. People are turning to host their important events virtually as it offers ease and accessibility for every one from anywhere in the world. Similarly, its cost-effective features make it possible for organizations to go virtual each time avoiding the hassle of physical events. With the rise in technological advancements, companies execute the goals and plans by following the unique virtual event ideas.

Whether you are planning to host the next job fair or annual conference, go virtual with an online events platform. Why not host a global audience with virtual events than hosting a local audience with the hassle of traveling to a physical location. Follow the top-notch ideas when hosting an online event to receive maximum reach and revenue.  Let us check the list of event ideas hosted at virtual events platforms. 

Top Virtual Events Ideas 

There are innumerous events that can be hosted on virtual platforms. Here, your event will be customized, keeping in mind your brand expectations and the event’s purpose. Check out the mentioned list of virtual events being hosted at an online events platform.

1- Virtual Health Fair

With the rise in the pandemic, many people have reported physical and mental health problems. To overcome such issues, health and wellness fairs can be hosted on online platforms to target a greater audience. Ever wonder how companies design online healthcare programs? From fitness seminars to mindful sessions, online events have eased the organization of fairs for healthcare professionals. The medical product launches, staff meetings, online staff training, and other health webinars are organized through virtual health fairs

In addition to this, each virtual event can be studded with health and wellbeing activities, be it corporate events or virtual open days. Short sessions of meditation, exercise, or yoga can be incorporated into virtual events. Such activities may be conducted under the supervision of health sector doctors or healthcare professionals. 

2- Virtual Conferences

Online conferences are explicitly tailored to the organization’s or business’s needs with cost-effective approaches. The keynote speakers and the attendees are all present on a single platform with virtual conferences. Speakers from far ends of the world can join in the conference and deliver speeches at virtual conference platform without traveling and moving to a physical location. This approach is prioritized in the current pandemic days, where physical gatherings such as a conference are highly discouraged. The idea of social distancing is fulfilled with attendees joining the event from the comfort of their homes, only appearing actively smiling at the screens. 

The virtual events ideas are considered by the companies who wish to operate remotely. At an online event, the immersive features exhibit a personalized experience for the attendees. Such organizations easily customize the landing page for the attendees with specific details of their brand. Consequently, clients and attendees can access the accurate data from the online conference, and respond to the company’s proposals. 

3- Virtual Webinars

The virtual webinars are hosted by the organizations for their prospective recruits or students to convey messages, promote businesses, or conduct the hiring process. Using presentational videos, web pages, multimedia aids, the companies use audio and video components to involve the attendees from around the world. Further, virtual webinar platform offers the opportunity to either post pre-recorded seminars or conduct live seminars to convey the message and engage with their attendees on a personal level. 

With the restrictions of physical gatherings, companies resort to online hosting of their important events. For a perfect interactive online event, events platforms have devised custom softwares. The customer onboarding process at a virtual product launch is executed with the help of interactive features of an online webinar. Not just that, webinars, once recorded, can be played over at other occasions or other platforms to convey the message to maximum people. 

4- Recruitment Fairs

Online events platforms are most beneficial for the business to conduct their hiring processes. The quick and efficient procedure allows hundreds of prospective employees to sign up at the event and submit their resumes. With hosting a virtual job fair, virtual career fair, in-house recruitment, a global pool of potential employees is gathered at the event. The virtual job fairs connect hiring managers with the best candidates at online events platforms, acting as a matchmaker. Such fairs open employment opportunities for talents worldwide who are just waiting on a good opportunity to join big enterprises. 

Moreover, through a custom-designed virtual career fair, a faster recruitment process is conducted that provides great opportunities to experienced and talented candidates and helps companies keep prospective employees on their next hiring agenda. Future hiring is also secured with one event if the screening process is executed efficiently. Customization allows corporations to conduct the hiring process just as they interview and re-interview a candidate. 

5- Virtual Trade Shows

Online events platforms are a win-win for the organizations and corporations out there. To achieve a stronger client base, hosting trade shows at online events platforms is the most efficient business approach worldwide. Wish to make maximum sales from a single trade show? Showcase your products at an online events platform and host global buyers. The interactive exhibition displays an easy-to-navigate online space, which helps clients and buyers to make purchasing decisions. The user-friendly and visually attractive event is designed to lead the organization’s future. 

Features of an online trade show speak for themselves. Likewise, the custom-designed landing page allows a swift registration experience. The buyer’s interests are gained through efficient webinars and chat tools. Furthermore, the success of the event can be measured through detailed reports. 


The ideas expressed in the document above mentions the benefits of hosting virtual events at an online events platform. Such events have become necessary for organizations to conduct recruitment and make sales. Likewise, virtual event ideas indicate the most significant advantage with reaching a global audience and gaining maximum engagement. The success of your event is marked with custom build features unique to your attendees. The more interactive the event is, the maximum results it offers. Also, choosing the right events platform is highly important for the event’s success. Look nowhere else as WasiVirtual, the expert online events platform, offers maximum virtual events ideas for you to host. 

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Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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