Everything You Need To Know About Organizing University open house ideas

All universities and colleges are planning to resume their campus events. It’s not convenient to start on-campus classes in the situation of a pandemic. To maintain the decorum of university events, many institutes are planning to use hybrid technology. 

As the orientation sessions are very important for students to know about universities and colleges, you can organize them as an open house event. 

The open house provides details about opportunities students can avail themselves of in your university. You need to share all the unique key points about your university in a virtual webinar to attract the community.

This blog will discuss some creative university open house ideas to bring your institute’s achievements into the spotlight. 

Why is a Virtual University Open House Important?

An open house is a very important event for every institute in the annual academic calendar. If you are worried about showcasing services offered at your campus, organizing a university open house is perfect for you. 

Students usually want to know about the courses a university is offering. You should brief students and their parents about courses, fees, and other amenities on your open day. 

Along with sharing career aspects and opportunities for financial assistance and accommodation for students, organize a virtual campus tour for them. 

The best way of an online campus tour is through a presentation in which you should also share details about faculty, panel, and recreational activities. 

Never forget to add the advancements your university is making in research on emerging fields. 

Steps For Creation of Interactive University Open House

The need of the hour is to create a more interactive and highly engaging university open house for students in this stressful pandemic situation. 

Here are some steps through which you can make your orientation virtual webinar more interactive. 

1- Avoid Digital Replication of In-Person Open House


Almost all institutes think that there is even a need to hospice every aspect digitally. In such a misconception, you will lose more than benefit because an attendee will not sit in a virtual event with so many repetitions and distractions. 

It depicts that you need to be focused and work differently for university open house layout ideas. 

To facilitate creating engaging virtual webinars, WasiVirtual is providing its more engaging services via hybrid tools. 

Whenever you plan a layout of a virtual open house, start it with a welcome introductory session in which you should introduce key members of your university. 

After the welcome session, you should share an on-screen prospectus having a campus tour, financial aid session, and breakout session of different departments. 

Make sure to include a Q&A session for students and parents to resolve all their queries. These aspects will help your institute to stand apart from competitors. 

2- Create A Flawless Registration Portal

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the creation of a seamless registration process. 

It’s important to set high expectations of visitors about virtual events because online webinars need more action, creative layout, and strategy for their launching. 

For instance, showcasing attendees timing details about every session and registration effectively increases their excitement level. 

Besides this, you should email complete details about the event to registered candidates. Such personalized engagement is a useful trick to lead up your event with high show-up rates. 

3- Invite Your Alumni And Faculty Members As Speakers To Excite Interest of Your Attendees

To make your university virtual house more interactive for your students and their parents, use unique content. Another thing that can stimulate your students’ zeal, enthusiasm, and interest in your virtual webinar is the presence of alumni. It depicts that you should invite successful alumni to make your session fruitful. 

The best strategy is to invite the topper alumni of almost every department. It will inspire your students to listen to the experience and hardships of alumni in becoming officers. 

Moreover, such interactive conversation will urge attendees to work hard to achieve the same success. 

In the end, Faculty talk is also essential. Such TED Talks are used for sharing information about the research project upon which the university is working. 

When a faculty person has a particular major and shares his research work fields,  opportunities, and scope, students will be able to make future goals accordingly. 

4 Creative Ideas To Make Your University Open House Day Memorable


Here are some main creative virtual university open house ideas to make this event memorable for your attendees:

  • Adopt a creative, huggable, relatable, and affordable computing system for your virtual webinar. 
  • Arrange stress-busting motivational events for pursuing better plans.
  • Offer a successful speed mentoring session with your university alumni to brief good start-up tips for entrepreneurs, musicians, and social activists.
  • Reach out to NGOs to provide social opportunities of volunteer work to your hybrid technological event’s attendees. 

Concluding Remarks!

Above all, it is now feasible for you to virtually arrange all the events just like you arrange physical events using hybrid technology. 

It would be best to have some interactive university open house ideas for arranging virtual webinars to share your ideas with your community. 

If you are looking for amazing virtual webinar sessions at an affordable rate, WasiVirtual is the perfect choice for you. Make your university open house event memorable and engaging by using hybrid tools. For more updates, you can join us on LinkedIn and Instagram.



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