Virtual Conference Platform

Our virtual conference software engages both the listener and the speaker in a three-dimensional environment. In contrast to a simple virtual meeting, a virtual conference platform has more features. The value of a virtual conference hosting platform is that it can be customized with keynotes, breakout sessions, entertainment, and even bespoke events at no additional cost. Despite ever-changing industry dynamics and advancing technology, in-person events are fading. Let’s become tech-savvy and try our best platform for virtual conference.

Virtual Conferences: Why Host One?

An online conference helps build brand awareness, create networking opportunities, and develop leads. Businesses operating from different parts of the globe can benefit most from virtual conferences. Seminars and online meetings are used to keep employees and authorities in touch. Global participants can view your presentations on large-scale video chat that can be streamed globally using our virtual conference software. Online Virtual conference platforms serve as a tool to market your organization internationally. We determine your audience’s engagement and interest through surveys, questionnaires, and chats. 

Virtual conference platform
virtual conference hosting platform

What Makes Us Unique

Virtual attendees are less likely to worry about travel and lodging costs. Several features make virtual conferences effective, including live chat, polls, question and answer sessions, or video postings. While the content delivery at the event is dependent on the immersive conference environment, we offer variations in terms of formatting. WasiVirtual provides a virtual environment with interactive booths, auditoriums, and animated avatars that allow users to experience virtual halls, auditoriums, and other features more vividly. Additionally, with online virtual conference software, global industrialists can network and interact more easily with each other via audio or video meetings, one-on-one sessions, and customized booth designs.

The power of interactive content

For the best virtual conference platform strategy to succeed, attendees need compelling content that grabs their attention and incentivizes them to register. As you launch your virtual conference, you should be cognizant of capturing data and making it possible with the technology you are using. Live webinars or pre-recorded webinars can be hosted with our online virtual conference software, with no plugins or downloads required, companies can stream the conference online to a global audience as well as companies can create its documents, automate emails, and host videos while maintaining their own design. Furthermore, real-time activities, polls, and games are utilized to make the event interactive. When choosing the best virtual conference platform, consider your business needs as well as your project requirements so you can deliver eye-catching and personalized content.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Conferences

With virtual conferences, quality isn’t about quantity – it’s about connecting attendees and exhibitors seamlessly through one virtual conference hosting platform. In addition to the benefit of cost reduction from the omission of travel, food, lodging, or a physical event venue, a virtual conference is also a cost-effective solution. Organizing interactive webinars that engage attendees can increase a company’s engagement rate. Similarly, live or post-conference insights facilitate quick and easy analytics. The data and response on one conference can help businesses figure out if an event was a success. Ensure that best practices and exciting content are repeated in your next virtual conference.

Are traditional conferences doomed?

WasiVirtual facilitates high levels of interactivity for your event that help you realize your vision, virtually connected audiences and corporations provide opportunities for global collaborations through virtual conference software. Seminars, webinars, and live conferences enable international professionals to exchange information while a traditional conference doesn’t.  Going virtual lends itself to a variety of features such as audio or video sessions and custom chat rooms to reach a variety of audiences concurrently, this era is changing thanks to innovation. There is no doom for conferences, but they have evolved so that attendees can meet with exhibitors as they wish.

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