Virtual Open Days

Digital Open days are not new, but virtual ones are. These days, student prospects can get an idea of what a university or college is like through a virtual open day Platform. In our virtual open day software, we intend to bridge the gap between students and institutions by allowing them to experience the facilities of their institutes in 360-degrees since they cannot see them in person. The purpose of these sessions is typically to help applicants and accepted students understand what to expect.

Educate Students through Virtual Open Day

In today’s society, students are taught at a virtual open day instead of a physical event. A virtual open day platform is used to host a conference about future opportunities and university life to inform and educate students. The event is of great importance to the university as well as the students. It doesn’t matter how extensive the open day maybe, it’s the first time students learn about the university’s faculty, administration, curriculum, degrees, and everyday campus life. To receive a complete understanding of the university and campus, several informative sessions, webinars, and individual meetings are scheduled. Having a clear view of a school or university may lead students to enroll.

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What Makes Wasi Virtual's Open Day Interactive

 An open day event features virtual open day software and tools for an immersive experience for the attendees. Prospective students from around the world connect to the event through an internet connection and engage with university hosts. A virtual environment is offered to the students with interactive exhibit booths, poster halls, help desks, animated avatars, immersive lobbies, and auditoriums. Likewise, university open house ideas help students interact and engage during the event through activities like customized exhibit booths, audio or video meetings, individual or group chats, and meeting rooms. WasiVirtual provides universities with full customer service and a team of experts that is locally based to assist during the event for your digital open days.

Reasons to Go Virtual

Access to a global audience is probably the most significant benefit of hosting an open day virtually. Custom landing pages are developed for students to register and register their interests. During the post-registration process, the university introduces new programs to international students by way of booths, videos, and immersive environments. Wouldn’t it be great if students were allowed to roam the campus corridors?
we help universities or colleges host a virtual tour for the students based on the mirror image of the actual campus building. Students can easily walk through the reception area, halls, and meeting rooms and meet faculty and administrative members at any booth by our virtual open day software. Also, a video campus tour is shown through live or pre-recorded webinars. Students can also interact with faculty members and alumni online via video meetings or 1:1 chat. Furthermore, today’s open days offer significant cost-cutting opportunities in traveling, eating, lodging, and booking venues for physical events.

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Engage with global students through:

• Engaging, informative sessions for the students and their parents are scheduled at digital open days
• Auditoriums allow hosting live or pre-recorded webinars for the students to learn about the open day.
• Students can assess the prospectus, details, and program details at the document hosting
• Documents once viewed can be saved in the swag bag for later use
• Meet your students pool through immersive audio and video chat tools
• Interested students are engaged in 1:1 sessions or group chats
• The meeting scheduler can schedule the meeting pre-event.
• Faculty interview option is offered for students to have an insight into the subject
• Alumni Stories is also shared as a complete guidebook
• Detailed virtual tour of the campus building is presented through live or pre-recorded webinars

When do you Host a Digital Open Day?

Digital Open days are held regularly by schools, high schools, colleges, and universities through virtual events platforms:
• A school virtual open days extends an opportunity for the students and parents to get acquainted with the faculty, curriculum, classrooms, and school building.
• A virtual open house by college allows students and guardians to learn about the campus, curriculum, and faculty to decide on joining.
• A virtual open house by the university offers extensive knowledge and a virtual tour of the campus for students to imagine their future at the campus.

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