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Here we are, in the world of the best virtual career fairs platform, similar to many other aspects of everyday life, recruitment is also being moved to a virtual market from the age-old tradition of in-person interviews. There are now multitudes of opportunities for job seekers to interview with their dream companies, regardless of their geographical location. There are not many things that we can thank COVID19 for, but this online career fair platform would certainly be one.

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

The purpose of a virtual career fair is to give students and employers a chance to connect, establish professional relationships, and discuss employment and internship possibilities in a digital setting. A table or booth is given to each registered employer. At that booth or table, they speak with interested students and alumni who wish to know more about the company, or who are interested in submitting an application for a specific position using our virtual career platform.
Is this fair worth the time and money? Let’s take a look at its most prominent features.

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Landing Page to Maximize Attendance

Virtual events provide organizations with an opportunity to attract a global audience. our Online career fairs platform allows companies to choose the best candidates from many applicants. A bold landing page with eye-catching features is required to maximize attendance. With our virtual events platform, a customized landing page is formulated focusing on the audience for events to meet their best interests from the event. In addition, we will provide personalized registration forms that will extract relevant data from candidates, and they will later be used during and after the event.

Interactive Visual Experience for Candidates

It is possible for Wasi Virtual to host candidates with visually pleasing and interactive features without the burden of crowds and the stress of physical events. The use of modern interactive visuals to create 3D avatars or interactive booths with immersive details is a robust approach towards the success of the event. Moreover, these easy-to-navigate environments work at all browsers and are genuinely mobile-friendly. To make a lasting impression on candidates, we create halls, virtual lobbies, exhibitors’ booths, or custom replicate your actual office at our Online career fair platform.

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Virtual Career Booths

Virtual Career Booths

Virtual booths are the product of technological advancement. At Wasi Virtual, you can book customized booths, reflecting your brand culture to the target audience. The uniquely designed booths share the companies’ valuable information among candidates. Moreover, it provides candidates with the necessary tools to apply for jobs. Precisely, at our virtual career fair platform, booths are highly efficient to portray your company’s best side attracting the most qualified candidates from all over the world.

Powerful Analytics

Our Best virtual career fairs platform offers live analytics of events to track the performance and impact of your fair. Such powerful analytics measure your event success. Detailed analytics help the organizations improve their ROIs and redefine their approach for future events. Likewise, the event metrics include attendee engagement and attendance breakdown with engaging content and booths. For more information you can visit our LinkedInFacebook and Instagram page. If you have any questions then you can visit our FAQ section.

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