Virtual Job Fair

An Online virtual job fairs and recruiting events platform connects qualified candidates with exhibitors. Let’s explore WasiVirtual which is best virtual job fair software with 3-D features.

Virtual Job Fair

A job fair redefines the face of recruitment, enabling recruiters to locate top candidates while job seekers can gain insight into potential employers as well as analyze market dynamics. Due to the increasing trend of incorporating virtual job fairs and recruiting events digital world has been completely revolutionized, it’s a feasible opportunity to build up your network.

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Quick Hiring Process

Virtual job fairs have turned hiring into an accelerated process and act as a “speed-dating” event between recruiters and candidates, allowing employers to attract dozens of candidates in a short amount of time. Our virtual job fair software allows recruiters to collect resumes from around the globe. 

A resume database can be used by recruiters to review resumes and send them to virtual booths or online job boards without much hassle. Recruiters can scan applications and choose the best candidates, who then move on to the interview stage through an online job fair platform. Choosing the right candidate for an organization is of prime importance.

Custom Virtual Booths

Attracting applicants with custom virtual booths and inspiring recruiters to excel in recruitment events is awe-inspiring. These custom booths allow recruiters to showcase their brand identity and culture to potential candidates, resulting in maximum engagement. 

Furthermore, job fairs create bilateral relationships between employers and candidates. They also provide excellent opportunities for brands to showcase their expertise while simultaneously promoting business through webinars hosted on our online job fair platform.

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Fast-Track Interview Process

Employers utilize virtual job fairs and recruitment events to expedite the hiring process. With 3-D job fairs, potential hires and recruiters can have a real-time conversation without having to switch programs or devices.

 Video, audio, and text chats have proven beneficial for collaborating efficiently between exhibits and candidates. Instead of a slow recruitment process, why not opt for a quick one that ensures maximum efficiency?

Flexible Virtual Environment

We have developed the best virtual job fair software that makes it possible for both job seekers and attendees to access a flexible virtual environment. An advanced virtual space is compatible with mobiles or desktop views to provide a seamless experience to candidates worldwide. 

It offers a flexible live chat between employers and attendees. Moreover, social media integration and polls are supported. The service also provides on-demand videos and brand collateral.

virtual job fairs and recruiting events best virtual job fair software online job fair platform

Deliver Content Timely in Virtual Job Fair

Through an online event, job seekers can learn about employers in a variety of formats. You can use videos, brochures, presentations, and photo galleries, as well as the job description. Presentations give a clear insight into the branding and sourcing of the company. 

Brochures provide a brief intro about the companies’ recruitment demands and eligibility criteria. Hence, job seekers have the prior information of work they are to engage in.

In conclusion, Virtual recruiting events offer the benefit of providing access to a worldwide audience while saving costs, time, and providing in-depth insight into ROI through the most effective measures. Hosting your job fair virtual is the safest method for providing a holistic perspective to the world. For more information you can join us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn. For any kind of questions you can visit our FAQ’s page.