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What features can you use in virtual corporate events?

Though virtual hybrid events cannot beat the significance of physical sessions, online webinars still have become essentials of the present time. Nowadays, every company is representing its marvelous job opportunities to potential employers. If you are looking to organize a job fair, your company needs hard work and dedication. To arrange a job event virtually, make use of a hybrid platform. Such advanced technology is very helpful in creating an intuitive and engaging experience for attendees. Another thing that ensures the success of virtual corporate events is your ability to assist recruiters through talent in interactive webinars. 

In this blog, we will discuss the key features for making online recruiting events successful. 

What are Virtual Corporate Events?

Virtual events are hassle-free dynamic solutions to facilitate employers by breaking all the barriers of traditional hiring events. You should arrange a 3D virtual platform to connect all the job seekers and employers. The presence of a 3D online platform will give the feeling of a physical event. Empower your business by selecting multi-talented employees from the event attendees. 

Key Features To Use In Virtual Corporate Events

Here are some core features that you should use in online recruiting events to make them more engaging and interactive:

1- Customized Landing Page

The very first thing your virtual job event needs is a properly customized landing page of your business. It’s the landing page through which you can engage more audience in the event. All you need to add is job search advice, career counseling, job event details, and other information. Include a registration option for job seekers to help them in attending events and creating job profiles. 

2- Virtual Lobby

virtual corporate events

Another feature that you should include in your virtual job event is a virtual lobby. It provides opportunities for attendees to discuss more career opportunities and job scope. It will be boring for your attendees to sit idle while waiting for the session to start. Having a secure chat option helps keep them engaged. 

3- Quick Navigation

Your virtual job event must offer a fantastic experience to employers, empowering them to browse more information. It’s because not only the actual webinar is informative but also the titled spaces. Make sure to provide seamless job navigating opportunities to your attendees by using networking lounges such as the lobby. 

4- Custom Branded Booths

By using novel hybrid technology, virtual corporate events can be made very much alike to physical ones. To mimic the feel of a physical event, you should make staff avatars and custom booths for your company. Not only will these branded booths represent your company, but they also make information exchange convenient. Also, add some brochures and custom real-life backgrounds to make your screen attractive. 

5- Guest Profiles

Never forget to include features of guest profiles for your career opportunities and scope. If your event attendees want to get a job, they can also approach recruiters from their profiles. Make sure to include guest profiles of recruiters having their name, company name, email, and Linkedin profile. Through guest profiles, job seekers will get an idea about how a person can interact with your guest or recruiter. 

6- Swag Bags in virtual corporate events

If you are interested in promoting a green environment, virtual hybrid events are perfect for you. In such events, there is no need for paper marketing, brochures, and pamphlets. Everything can be done electronically, including marketing. In fact, you can showcase and add downloaded resources as well. Such resources in hybrid events are named swag bags. 

7- Virtual Tables And Breakout Rooms

virtual corporate events

When an online recruiting event collaborates with the speaking opportunity in smaller groups, it becomes fascinating. In fact, breakout rooms and virtual tables are the best areas to share your ideas. If someone is not able to speak with hundreds of people, they can share your opinion in your small groups. Such one-to-one conversation opportunities will boost the interest of your attendees without any baseness. 

8- Resume Search Filters

When your attendees get hassle-free assistance in finding a job, you will get more business credibility. That’s why you need to add a resume search filter in your event. Through this filter, you and other recruiters will be able to shortlist candidates on your specific job criteria. Enable this automatic screening filter of resumes to get the talented ones. 

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Concluding Remarks

It’s quite interesting to host and organize virtual corporate events. Whenever you plan to host an online job event, make sure it’s interactive enough to distinguish you from other recruiters. Make your event memorable by using all the mentioned features. If you are unable to arrange an online recruiting webinar effectively, contact WasiVirtual. We will help you with management of online webinars with the advanced hybrid 3D technology. For more updates join us on LinkedIn.

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