what is a virtual webinar

What is a Virtual Webinar and How Does it Work?

Virtual webinars are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. The growth of webinars is reducing the number of face-to-face meetings, replacing in-person meetings. Moreover, its cost-effective and time-saving approach is employed to educate and engage a wider audience.

What is a Virtual Webinar?

A virtual webinar is an event with a video presentation, workshop, seminar, training session, or classroom lecture presented online through a virtual events platform. In webinars, a speaker and audience communicate via audio-visual means. It may be a live or prerecorded event to facilitate easy communication with clients, staff, and important industry partners. 

Therefore, it is considered a powerful way to share information with your audience, whether it’s to educate them about your company, sell products, or convey an important message. In addition, the free and scalable approach increases audience engagement in a virtual environment where there is no carbon footprint, venue rentals, or need to hire staff to manage small venues. 

Commonly, a presenter’s voice and power point-style presentation is featured in a webinar for a larger audience. Here, the presenter hosts global attendees. For example, top universities such as the University of East London host their virtual webinars at an online events platform attracting students from around the world. Similarly, most webinar software allow a variety of ways for participants to interact with hosts through live polling, questions, or live chats – video and audio. 

How does a Virtual Webinar Work? 

Virtual or Live webinars work uniquely, attracting a global pool of candidates. Additionally, these events let presenters share the information or educate attendees through live or prerecorded content. Thus, virtual event platforms benefit not only corporate or business sectors but also the education sector in the most effective way. 

Webinar services help you educate the audience about your work. Moreover, the products are demonstrated to customers, which helps onboard new customers. When you join webinar events, better leads are generated for your business. It all comes down to the lead generation earned out of virtual webinar platforms

How do Live Webinars impact your business?

All the hassle with physical gathering at a venue is reduced with the organization of virtual webinars. In fact, technological advancements have urged businesses to resort to virtual platforms leaving behind physical gatherings. Such events are beneficial not only for presenters but also for the attendees to join the event from the comfort of their home or office space. Whether hosting 100 candidates or 100,000, online platforms support the global audiences alike. 

Moreover, the events which are set up on custom features become easier to handle or re-structure. Finally, these events’ user-friendly and cost-effective nature makes it inevitable for businesses to look anywhere else. Like live webinars, reduce worries of renting venues, catering, beverages, or ensuring that your presentation equipment works. 

In addition to education and training, webinars have been used for sales, branding, marketing, user onboarding, and human resources, etc. So, webinars have virtually no limitations in terms of what they can do. Interactive whiteboards, polls, and surveys are three features most webinars offer that make them far more engaging, interactive, and personalized for attendees. 

Exclusive Webinar Features

Each platform presents unique webinar features for businesses or education sectors to benefit from. People are now inclined towards hosting online audiences from all parts of the world. Let’s check how webinar platforms are considered unique.  

1-Organizers and Participants

The expenses of an event are determined by the number of presenters or the attendees at the webinar. Therefore, organizations need to be mindful of the reach event will take throughout the online webinar. 

2-Creating recordings and exporting 

When organizations use their webinars, either for content marketing or internal review, they need to be able to record them and export the video. How efficiently a platform attends to recording and exporting needs defines its credibility. 

3-Presentation Video 

Presentation Video You may (or may not) wish to include your presenters’ videos in your webinars, depending on the content. In addition, some of the platforms offer features to deliver a wholesome experience to the audiences.

4-Capturing and Integrating data 

In certain situations, the data collection capabilities of a platform can be crucial – determine whether you need any specific functionality and whether you want to integrate your platform with associated systems (CRM, marketing automation, etc.)


Businesses understand the importance of virtual webinars for generating maximum leads and sales. Webinar hosting platforms are highly efficient in offering audiences the virtual experience. In addition, the more personalized and engaging the content is, the more likely your events meet your customers’ expectations. The platform of WasiVirtual allows you to host immersive live webinars from anywhere in the world, engaging global audiences. 

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Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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