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What is the Difference between Telework and Virtual Work?

Difference between Telework and Virtual Work

What does Virtual Work Mean?

The word virtual, literally, means online. Something is categorized as virtual when it is the digitally replicated version of something real. This copy is created using software and is so similar to the original version that it can accurately be described as a digital rendition of the original thing.

Virtual or online work refers to the work done in a virtual workplace. A virtual workplace can be defined as a place of work that is not specifically located in any one physical area, rather it is held on a virtual platform. It is an intricate network of many workplaces that relate to the help of modern technology without giving any consideration to the geographic location. A virtual workplace is a complex combination of technological hardware, employees, employers, and virtual processes.

What is Telework?

Telework is a working arrangement that gives the employee an approved alternative place where they can continue their work in accordance with their paid hours. Telework allows the employee to alternate between working from a designated office and another designated workplace, the location of which is pre-decided and pre-approved by the organization. This decreases the need for a commute to an extent as the employee still must visit the office occasionally but still could work from somewhere else.

How is Virtual Work Different from Telework?

In the most basic sense, telework refers to having the choice between working from a physical office and another location while still having to check-in at the corporation building from time to time and virtual work refers to working solely from a destination of your choosing. Giving employees the choice between working in an office, teleworking, (Placeholder1), or working virtually gives them the opportunity to have a much better balance between their professional and personal lives. It also increases productivity, innovativeness in the employee and it motivates them to lessen the number of leaves and decreases the overall costs of operating, allowing the employees to work in an environment that has a minimal amount of distractions. These tactics help corporations to retain employees, increase output, and reach a much larger set of experienced individuals to recruit for their businesses.

Is Virtual Work better than Telework?

As both these options are designed to increase productivity and provide the workers with a good work environment, they are both great options. On the off chance that you run your organization virtually, you don’t need to stress over renting office space, purchasing furniture, paying for utilities, and so forth Regardless of whether you build up the main office with only a couple of workers, you won’t have to rent close to as much office space. Gifted representatives now like never are searching for occupations where they can telecommute because of the need or want for adaptable hours. This gives you more occasions to employ skilled colleagues who may not in any case be capable or ready to work for you. With a genuine office, expanding your staff frequently requires moving into a bigger office space. Notwithstanding, with a virtual group, you can scale up your business without stressing over the amount, all the more area you need. There is no compelling reason to stress over expanded force, warming, and cooling costs.

Benefits of Virtual Working

The best option from working virtually and teleworking is, without a doubt, virtual work because when working virtually is the chosen option then,

  • The cost of commuting to a physical location is lowered to zero.
  • The employee can work from any geographical location.
  • The employee can work from the comfort of their homes.
  • The productivity of the worker would be increased.
  • The working hours of the worker can be regulated with respect to their timings.
  • The worker would be satisfied.
  • The overall cost of running a corporation would be lessened.
  • There is a much bigger opportunity for higher scalability.

Virtual Work it is!

Therefore, it is very evident that virtual work is the way to go! Technology has advanced to such amazing heights in the last century that almost everything is possible and one of the best technological advancements of the age is the ability to work from the comfort of your home with an electronic device and a working internet connection. Get with the times and GO VIRTUAL!

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