Will Virtual 3D Events Ever Rule The World?

Technology fuels most of the activities that we do in this day and age, a significant portion of them is devoted to building businesses and expanding operations. The apocalyptic events of 2020 broke the economy in multiple ways, affecting education, health care, and corporations equally. As the nature of business becomes increasingly complex, companies are required to revise their approach to consumers as they attempt to decipher the implications of numerous factors, but digital solutions offer an assortment of creative possibilities we can exploit as we wish, such as the introduction of 3D virtual events that are transforming our society at an alarming rate.


It’s no wonder that virtual 3D events are becoming a thriving subject of interest for everybody interested in boosting productivity. Additionally, they are becoming more and more popular among the younger generations. So, do physical events still hold some value? Does this demand stem from the current pandemic scenario? Once the pandemic ends, will the trend of virtual events deflate? Let’s find out.

Virtual 3D events boast a wealth of benefits

  • Little or no ecological impact

As a first step towards preserving the environment, businesses should be proactive in maintaining a healthy environment. In the era of digitization and Virtual 3D events, it is possible to reduce food waste, such as eliminating wasted food that is generously prepared but goes straight to the garbage, adding significantly to the garbage industry. Virtual events play a significant role in contributing to the communal good in a positive and benevolent way. Without a doubt, promoting a sustainable environment with a zero-carbon footprint is the responsibility of every entrepreneur, regardless of motives. As a result, this allows organizations to enhance their reputation as environmental leaders and be a significant source of positive influence

virtual 3D events impact on environment

  • Hybrid digital infrastructure in 3D virtual events

WasiVirtual offers you the opportunity to replicate a digital infrastructure that combines an immersive cultural experience with hybrid technology, all in adherence to government policies and procedures.  As the planner, you have the opportunity to design the event exactly how you envision it in a way that caters to the needs of the physical environment, with the ability to build avatars that can serve as delegates, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors virtually. It is possible to plan events effortlessly and inexpensively with full functionality. These factors may make 3D virtual events the next big trend in the industry. We work collectively with our clients to help them achieve their goals through innovative advisory services designed to make their venue an unmatched experience.

  • Supervised Attendance Tracking

The experts at WasiVirtual are fully capable of managing the excesses of any event. Virtually, a single sign can be toggled on or off depending on how inclusive or exclusive a company desires its virtual  3D event to be. If strict registration is in effect, organizations can ensure guests can enter only with a company-specific code or credential. These virtual events are geared towards interviews with experts or panels of thought leaders who have not made it to the site in person. Registration paths can be configured so that onsite sessions are distinguished from virtual sessions to prevent registration errors, and implement enterprise-level security measures which support unique digital solutions. From an inclusive standpoint, participants can be invited on a sliding scale, or at any time any place in the world.

virtual 3D events

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  • Massive digital marketing potential

The most crucial component to the success of your event is marketing since virtual 3D events provide multiple types of marketing tools to ensure your business gets attention from every social network worldwide. Utilizing everything on the internet today, virtual events allow you to make your brand expansion more successful by generating qualified leads. Through multi-purpose sponsorships, you can maximize the impact and excitement of your special event substantially, since most of the comprehensive content, will be available on-demand for virtual attendees to watch at their convenience. At WasiVirtual, we strive to create your marketing communications in an attractive, straightforward, and impactful manner.

Massive Digital marketing potential virtual 3D events


  • Enhanced interaction with content in virtual 3D events

Why should virtual be held? Do you ever wonder? The digital revolution has elevated user interaction to a whole new level. Virtual 3D events provide attendees the opportunity to interact with one another globally, which makes it scalable and useful to facilitate maximum interaction among participants through question-and-answer sessions, live polling, post-session surveys, video call, audio calls, and networking opportunities to build relationships as well as foster collaborations. When it comes to introverts, virtual events are a great way to display their personalities without being overstimulated.  Virtual interaction and real interaction can appear to be two very different things, but with WasiVirtual we prove them wrong. We provide a unique and immersive environment that convinces our clients that they are in their chosen setting.

Enhanced Interaction virtual 3d events

Are virtual 3D events the future?

The answer is a resounding yes! Without hesitation. It is undeniable that virtual events have changed the dynamics of how events are perceived for the better as they provide more functionality and are easier to host. The flexibility of virtual events allows you to manage all aspects, from engaging your audience to designing the content. We all know that successful virtual 3D events require great tools, so it is paramount that businesses find a platform that can fulfill their demands with fidelity, otherwise, attendees will be unhappy! A 3D virtual environment is likely to dominate events for the foreseeable future because of its ability to attract more visitors, rely on less energy and mitigate the environment’s impact, foster economic, social, and cultural prosperity, as well as earn greater economic returns. All you need for a superb virtual event is a reliable platform – and that’s where we come in. Follow us on Facebook Instagram to get the latest updates regarding virtual events.


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