Write For Us

Hello Writers and Bloggers! Welcome to the WasiVirtural site. We are a fast-growing company that offers hybrid and virtual events. We are always looking for new authors that may provide us with some creative and attractive content. So, if you think that you can do that, pitch your idea to us, and let’s grow together.

We provide an amazing opportunity for new writers to get wide visibility and a great platform to share their content or article. Every writer’s choice is to reach an audience of greater size and much caliber.

But for that, the content or article should be in that form that can grab the visitors’ attention. You may contribute your valuable and interesting content at competitive rates as quality is our utmost priority instead of quantity, and we do not compromise on it.

What do we want from you?

First of all, you may have to submit a partial or rough draft or a short pitch paired with an outline. However, the pitch is a paragraph or two that summarizes your argument and why it means to our readers. The more complete and perfect your draft or pitch submission is, the better feedback we may give you.

You have to keep in mind that we only and only accept original content as we do not publish anything that has been published somewhere on the internet (including your website). Moreover, before submitting your draft, do not forget to check our recent articles and look at our writing style. It is because you have an idea about our insight into structuring and formatting your draft.

What do we publish?

Depending on the subject complexity, we may publish the contents or articles of word count between 600 to 2500. However, 1500 is about average and considered a good word count for an article. Articles often run with a custom illustration, and they may be in a casual tone. At the same time, the content is great for less-intensive tutorials and posts. All of these must be well-considered explorations of current and cutting-edge topics.

How can you submit, and what happens next?

You can email us your submission as we prefer the submission in Google Docs so that editors may easily give you feedback and guideline directly within your draft or pitch. You can also send a plaintext file, link to an HTML document, or a Markdown file. But make sure that you have not sent us a ZIP file of assets unless an editor requests it.

After you submit your draft, an editor will review it and determine whether it’s a potential fit or not. If it is, the entire team will review and discuss it. It may happen once a week. Then the editor will collect the feedback of his team and get back to you with notes. We rarely accept content the first time around, but we will tell you if we are interested.

Once you have properly addressed our comments and send your revised draft or pitch back to us, the whole team will discuss it again and then let you know if we want to accept it or not. If your article is accepted, an editor will work more closely with you on material things such as argumentation, writing style, and organization.

After that, we will schedule you for publication as soon as revisions are complete. Meanwhile, we can’t give you a particular publication date until the content is about ready to go live.

What guidelines do you have to follow while “write for us”?

Here are some of the points and tips you have to keep in mind while writing an article for our site:

How to submit a piece of writing?

That’s it. After you send your piece of writing, our team will closely review it, and we will provide you one do-follow link to your blog or website.